Apparently I’m the Worlds Worst Date!
I noticed this incredibly beautiful woman on Facebook the other day and started chatting with her on messenger. We plan on meeting up at a concert this weekend. So far so good right?
I thought it would be a good idea to get to know each other  better before Saturday...
7 Things You Should Definitely Find Out on a First Date
While scrolling through Reddit I came across a feed asking what people thought is important to find out on a first date. Through the usual silliness, I found some seriously great answers, and thought to share them and add some of my own...
‘The Boyfriend CheckList’ That I’ve Never Had Before!
Relationships are hard enough as it is, when you find yourself attracted to someone whom you may consider for a long term future mate. Having a dose of practical reality about certain qualities in a person, can go a long way in helping to know whether that person will make a good future partner.

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