Two women went on the attack recently over a man they say was, among other things, dishonest, manipulative scum and a cheater. In his defense, the man who is a lawyer says the women's hurtful trash talk is now costing him clients. The attorney said the women aired their anger on a website: {click here}

Is this really the way we want the future of breakups to be headed? Two people have a disagreement and it ends up on a site the whole world can see? I don't know what happened between these three people, but could it be possible because he was an attorney the women were gold diggers, and when he found out he gave them the boot? Look, just because two women came forward and said he was scum does not make it so.

Don't get me wrong; I'm sure men do the same thing to women, probably at a greater rate. Most men are looking for a certain something from a women after so many dates, and if it doesn't happen they start to question the relationship; that's how men are wired. This is usually where the trouble starts. This where the 'he said/she said' starts.

See, back in the day of PI (pre-Internet) he would talk to his friends and give his side of the story; she would talk to her friends and give her side of the story. Worst case scenario, someone got their name spray painted on a water tower or a train bridge. Now we have websites where we can post our side of the story so a million people can judge your actions, or lack thereof. Now the results of  two women claiming foul from a man in a broken relationship is two lawyers and a court date. What a waste.

If things go bad in a marriage and leads to a divorce, 30 percent of men said they would use an Internet dating site to meet women. It's a vicious cycle, like a slinky on an escalator, it will never stop. I guess it comes down to a case of defamation or freedom of speech. What do you think, does the lawyer have a case?