A man in Florida was buying his wife roses for their wedding anniversary and pricked his finger on one of the thorns. CALL MY LAWYER!!! You won't believe how far this has gone. The simple fact he was buying flowers at a supermarket tells me he was in a bind from the get go. If this guy is having all the health issues he says he's having from a poke in the finger, I would suggest keeping allot more roses on hand, and a funeral home on speed dial. Good luck Bubble Boy. Read on.A

Charles Imwalle is suing for a pretty penny.

Or should we say a prickly penny.

The 41-year-old Lake Mary, Florida man is suing the Winn-Dixie supermarket chain for $15,000 after he pricked his finger on a rose from a bouquet he bought at one of the stores in February.

We don't know if the thorn in question had a personal vendetta against Imwalle or what, but we do know he claims it caused a lot of trouble. He says he spent four days in a hospital after he pricked the finger on a joint and the wound became infected.

Imwalle, who was buying flowers for his wife for their anniversary, says the accident also caused him to miss two months of work, left him unable to use his hand and resulted in severe "scarring and disfigurement."

Of course, we say the pain in his finger is nothing compared to the agony he'd have to live with if he had forgotten his anniversary.