Here are some clues that MIGHT mean your chances are good...are you kidding me? who wants to live to be 100?  sounds painfully long

#1.)  You have a lot of old relatives.  There's a lot of evidence that longevity has a lot to do with genetics.  At least half of all people who live to be 100 also have a sibling, parent, or grandparent that reached 90-plus.

#2.)  You can walk fast over long distances.  One study found that the average person typically walks about two miles per hour . . . and for every two-tenths of a mile per hour faster than that, a person would have a 12% decrease in the risk of death.

#3.)  You have a lot of friends.  The more you interact with other people, the more likely you are to live a long time.  And lonely people tend to die earlier, and be less healthy in general. Sorry.

#4.)  You're a woman.  Out of roughly 80,000 Americans who are older than 100 today, 85% are women.  And women who bear children naturally beyond the age of 40 are FOUR TIMES more likely than other women to live to 100.

#5.)  You worry just enough to stay safe. New research says that SOME worry is actually good for you. It might cause stress, but people who worry -- as long as it's within reason -- actually live longer on average.

#6.)  You have a positive attitude. Lots of studies suggest that a positive outlook on life tends to give you more years. Obviously if you tend to stay happy, you experience less stress, and that can help you stay more healthy.