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August 21, 2017. The "path of totality," the area where the eclipse is total, not partial, will cross the entire United States, including Oregon and Idaho. This is the first time a total eclipse will be visible from the Lower 48 since 1979.

I used this fancy tool from the Navy to determine that the Tri-Cities will not see a total eclipse. Instead, the sun here and in Walla Walla will be 96% covered. For totality, you'll have to travel south. Cities that will see the Total Eclipse are:

  • Fossil, Oregon (1 min, 20 sec), 132 miles away
  • John Day, Oregon (2 min, 1 sec), 189 miles away
  • Seneca, Oregon (53 sec), 214 miles away
  • Prarie City, Oregon (2 min, 6 sec), 201 miles away
  • Baker City, Oregon (1 min, 35 sec), 160 miles away
  • Ontario, Oregon (1 min, 26 sec), 231 miles away

Other cities in the United States that will see the total eclipse include:

Track of the Solar Eclipse from the United States Naval Observatory
Track of the Solar Eclipse from the United States Naval Observatory
  • Lincoln City, Oregon
  • Rexburg, Idaho (for all you kids at BYU-Idaho)
  • Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Northern and Eastern suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Southern and Western suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri
  • Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Columbia, South Carolina
  • Charleston, South Carolina

Remember: You will have to have clear skies to see the eclipse.

You can enter your city on the Navy tool here. If you can't figure out how to use it, post the city you want in the comments and we'll do it for you!

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