Originally crafted by Johnny Meaker in the 1950s, Johnny’s Seasoning Salt has become a staple in kitchens and restaurants worldwide.

Johnny's Fine Foods
Johnny's Fine Foods

Born out of Johnny’s passion for grilling and desire to enhance the flavor of his steaks in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington, his special seasoning blend quickly became popular at his restaurants in the Pacific Northwest.

Johnny Meaker perfected the seasoning with just the right amount of saltiness, garlic, onion, and other secret spices. Word began to spread about Johnny’s creation and soon questions came from restaurant patron’s taste buds. Meaker decided to start selling his seasoning masterpiece – small batches at first.

Now decades later Johnny’s Seasoning Salt has graced millions of pantries in the United States and worldwide.

Today, Johnny’s is still manufactured and shipped from its location in Tacoma, Washington, and remains true to its original recipe. Johnny’s is available in various sizes including 4.75 ounces, 32 ounces, 42 ounces, or for those big grilling jobs – a 5lb bucket!

Johnny’s can enhance just about any dish – steak, eggs, chicken, fries, burgers, and even salads.

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