Thanks to a new movie in production, we have a glimpse at a brand new movie location hidden in the Montana wilderness near Livingston. It's the Yellowstone Film Ranch and it's made specifically for anyone making a western movie.

Scotweek on YouTube covered the set of a new movie called Robert the Bruce. The Yellowstone Film Ranch is its backdrop. Kudos to Distinctly Montana for the catch on this one.

The official Yellowstone Film Ranch website lists it as a studio, backlot and western town. It certainly looks the part. The film set is located near Chico Hot Springs, Montana which is just north of the Wyoming border.

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Google Maps Satellite View
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The Yellowstone Film Ranch has shared some sweet pics on Instagram showing the construction of this fictional wild west town location. One interesting graphic they shared there shows that the town has been built in the shape of a Y which allows it to be filmed from different perspectives to look like different towns in the same production. That's an interesting concept only a seasoned movie maker would think of.

Some of the advantages they offer to prospective filmmakers on their website are reduced taxes and tax credits. TV station KTVQ shared more backstory about what they're trying to achieve.

Will we see a movie like Unforgiven or Tombstone filmed here? Only time will tell, but it appears the wild west foundation has been laid at Yellowstone Film Ranch. Literally.

The most buzzworthy 'wild west' show in TV now is Yellowstone. Take a look at the real ranch:

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