Last month I went on a road trip to Montana to stay in a rustic cabin for a few nights. On the way there and back, I saw NUMEROUS signs for the 50,000 Silver Dollar Inn. When I say numerous, I mean A LOT!

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Needless to say, when returning from our cabin stay, which was fabulous, by the way, we stopped for the night at Lincoln's 50,000 Silver Dollar Inn, in Haugan Montana. I was done dealing with snow.

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We checked in with a woman who was in the process of knitting a hat, I asked if there was a pool. There is not. However, there is a rather large gift shop and two casinos.

After we got to our room, I was ready to explore! Look what I found, the casino and bar, and a couple of friends!


And, there are so many silver dollars! Why in the world are there so many here on display?

According to a page from the motel's book:

Lincoln's 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar began in 1951, when Gerry and Marie Lincoln moved from Libby, Montana to Alberton, they built a small bar two miles west on I-90 and named it "Cherry Springs." They settled in and realized people needed a reason to stop, an attraction, and they got an idea!

At that time, the local customers, (loggers and miners) were paid in silver dollars. On October 1, 1952, Gerry cut a round hole in the bar top, hammered a silver dollar into it, and inscribed his and Marie's names beneath it. The idea caught on!


They are still adding the coins! Thus the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar, Casino, & Motel!


My only wish is that I had left a silver dollar. Next time.

Have you ever stopped at the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar?

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