Want to see real-life mermaids up close? Then it's time for a road trip to the Sip n Dip!

Where is the Sip n Dip Lounge?

The Sip n Dip is in Great Falls Montana, at the O'Haire Motor Inn. Sounds glamorous, doesn't it? But if you're a fan of Tiki Bars, mid-century kitsch, and mermaids, this is the place for you!

Photo: Dan Roberts
Photo: Dan Roberts

What Else is There to Do in Great Falls, Montana?

See above.

Why is the Sip n Dip a Must-See?

GQ Magazine named it one of their Top-10 bars in the world, and the #1 bar worth flying for. What's the big deal? Where else are there mermaids swimming behind the bar, just between the vodka, rum, and bitters? The Sip n Dip lounge has a window looking into the mermaids natural habitat, the O'Haire Motor Inn swimming pool. The fin-tailed beauties can see inside, and they'll pose for pics. You can even get a selfie with them.

Photo: Dan Roberts
Photo: Dan Roberts

Here are a couple of mermaids mugging for the camera.

Is the Sip n Dip Mermaid Show Free?

The mermaids perform because they love it, and because they can't breathe on land, but tips are appreciated.

When Do the Mermaids Perform?

Mermaids swim every Monday through Saturday, starting at 6pm. Check their Facebook page to stay updated on their hours, which can occasionally change.

Can Kids Watch the Mermaids at the Sip n Dip?

Yes, until 8pm.

Is There Really Nothing Else to Do in Great Falls, Montana?

Actually, if you love nature and history, there's quite a bit to do. Learn more here.

Bottom Line

If the Sip n Dip sounds fun to you, just do it. Map out your road trip and make an adventure of it. The memories will last a lifetime. Unless some wicked sea hag casts an amnesia spell on you.

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