Authorities now say the man who triggered a SWAT team response in Waitsburg was under the influence of meth.

Thursday afternoon, Deputies from Walla Walla County got a call from a distraught woman, saying her son was high on meth, was smashing the kitchen with a metal baseball bat, and threatened to kill her.

SWAT and Deputies arrived, as did a County Fire Unit. Two other women were present in the home, one was able to escape, but the other had to climb out a window and up onto the roof of the two story home.

The mother was inside and still able to hear the suspect moving around. Turns out he had climbed into the attic. SWAT crews and the County K-9 Unit  were able to take him into custody, and the fire crew able to get the woman off the roof safely.

Markes A. Cantrell was arrested and taken to the Walla Walla County jail, and booked on a wide variety of charges. Fortunately, none of the other people in the home were hurt.

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