As we prepare to “spring forward” this weekend, a bipartisan bill in the U.S. Senate looks to stop the twice-yearly time change.  Oregon’s Ron Wyden recently reintroduced the Sunshine Protection Act, which would keep Daylight Saving Time year-round.  But fellow Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley doesn’t support federal action, saying Oregonians can’t agree on the right answer.


“Less than 50% like it the way it is, less than 50% want to go on Daylight Saving Time permanently or the opposite permanently. There’s simply no consensus about how to proceed.”


Merkely said he believes states should decide on their own.


Oregon and Washington lawmakers passed bills to do away with Standard Time.  In 2020, a bill cleared the Idaho legislature making Daylight Saving Time permanent in the northern portion of the of the state, but not the southern part, if the state of Washington also makes a permanent switch.  Multiple efforts in California to stop the clock change have died in the legislature.


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