you probably think inmates have two career paths in prison . . . making license plates or working in the laundry room.
But it turns out inmates manufacture all KINDS of products. Here are 10 things that a prisoner MIGHT have made.

1. Victoria's Secret and JC Penney started using inmates at a prison in South Carolina to sew their LINGERIE in the 1990s.
2. There are 36 different prisons around the country where inmates make BRAILLE BOOKS for the blind.
3. Federal prisoners make HUMAN SILHOUETTE TARGETS that the FBI and Homeland
Security use for target practice.
4. 4,000 inmates at Florida prisons learn woodworking and make PARK BENCHES and PICNIC TABLES.

5. Federal prisoners make MILITARY UNIFORMS . . . including flak jackets, shoes, helmets, and body armor.
6. One of the few items that the government allows federal prisoners to make for PRIVATE
companies are BASEBALL HATS.
7. 60 inmates in Colorado make fiberglass CANOES that sell for $1,500.
8. There's a factory at a prison in Oregon that makes JEANS and other clothing.
9. Prisoners in Colorado train wild horses to prepare them for adoption, and prisoners in
Maryland do the same thing for retired racehorses.
10. The prison in San Quentin, California has a gift shop where you can buy GREETING
CARDS and other items made by inmates.