In Texas where they set the standard for execution, has  a little dilemma on their hands. Convicted killer Steven Staley stopped taking his medication for paranoid schizophrenia and depression while on death row, so the state halted the execution because he was unfit to be killed. So now, a judge has a new order requiring Staley to take his meds so the State can fire up old sparky, and take care of unfinished business. Staley escaped from a Denver jail in 1989 and went on a crime spree, that ended in Texas when he shot and killed a restaurant manager. Because of his behavior in prison he was put on the anti-psychotic drug, Haldol. Not since the episode of M*A*S*H where Col.Flagg wanted an enemy prisoner patched up so he could take him to headquarters so he could be shot.  Staley has a long history of mental issues growing up including abuse, and suicide attempts. The guy is out in left field, and there ain't even a game going on, we all get that, but to get him better enough so he can acknowledge what is about to happen to him is a little creepy. So he takes the medication so he can appear normal enough to die, but off the medication he says he's the man who invented the first car, gives himself black eyes and other lacerations, and marketed a character from Star Trec. This is like saying you can't shoot a dog with rabies until you treat it, and it quits foaming at the mouth."Sit Sparky, good dog" BLAM! Dear Texas, think this one thru, really! I have relatives that have never killed anyone, but they sure could use some medication. How do you feel about this decision?