By now we have all heard of a 15 yr old boy responsible for starting the eagle creek fire.

He could be ordered to pay for the costs of fighting the Eagle Creek fire, (possibly millions) His parents might have to pay some of the bill for the damage done. He also could face prison.

Police have made no arrests as of yet. They could seek payouts for the costs of evacuating homes or money for burned homes or structures /  reimbursement for lost income for missing work / lost buisness from truck and river traffic that came to a halt when Interstate 84 and the Columbia River were closed.

according to Oregon state law

ORS 480.158

In addition to any other remedy provided by law, the parent or parents of an un-emancipated minor child shall be liable for costs incurred by a public fire agency in suppressing fires caused by use of fireworks by such minor child. However, a parent who is not entitled to legal custody of the minor child at the time of the fire shall not be liable for such damages.

(2) The legal obligation of the parent or parents of an unemancipated minor child to pay damages under this section shall be limited to not more than $5,000 payable to the same claimant, for one or more acts.

 ORS 30.765, states that parents can be held liable for up to $7,500 for any intentional or reckless act of their children that has harmed people or property. And this second law carries a kicker: It appears to allow $7,500 to be collected per "claimant."


In other words....if convicted ...that kid is screwed!



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