Jim Zim on YouTube has recently posted a new video of the Robin's nest in his backyard in Pasco. He's got a GoPro camera mounted just perfectly to catch all the action. The last time I shared Jim's video work, the Robin had just laid her eggs. They're hatched now, and this is nature viewing at its best.

There is something rather shocking in this 29-second video, though. I thought when birds cleaned the nest of baby bird poop, they would simply fling it out. They may do that sometimes, I guess, but what happens here was either perfect timing or designed that way by nature. And when is the last time you saw bird poop with that consistency? Kinda freaked me out! I guess baby bird poop is different than adult birds who wreck your freshly washed car.

There are 7 different variations of the American Robin. Here in Washington State, they nest to breed and then fly south for the winter, but some robins can be found year-round here. Usually, we will see individual robins here and there, but they will actually flock when it's not breeding season in other parts of the country and the world. The Western Bluebird is in the same family as robins, and they're gathering in Bickleton - The Bluebird Capitol of The World as we speak (which is just a short drive from the Tri-Cities).



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