Spring is very much in full swing in the Mid-Columbia and robin sightings are always the proof. While scrolling through "All About Tri-Cities" on Facebook, I ran across this video from Jim Zim's Youtube channel. Jim Lives in Pasco and has quite the following on Youtube with nearly a half-million subscribers (I'm one now, too). He creates family fun videos about everything from his passion for model trains to cocker spaniels to cruise ship vacations. His model train videos are a kick to watch. He has tracks set up everywhere from his garage to his living room and hallways to his backyard patio.

There are 7 different variations of the American Robin. Here in Washington State, they nest to breed and then fly south for the winter, but some robins can be found year-round here. Usually, we will see individual robins here and there, but they will actually flock when it's not breeding season in other parts of the country and the world. The Western Bluebird is in the same family as robins, and they're gathering in Bickleton - The Bluebird Capitol of The World as we speak (which is just a short drive from the Tri-Cities).

Here's the first video of Jim Zim's robin and her eggs. He'll be posting more videos as they hatch.


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