Hopefully, you haven't experienced a DUI, but you've heard about how expensive it can be.  A DUI in Washington State is a gross misdemeanour for the first offence. That's if no one is injured. Your fine can range from anywhere to about $1000 to $5000. You could even spend up to a year in jail. Again, that's if no one is injured.

Friday night a Walla Walla man accused of driving while under the influence, crossed the center line and hit the car of a 68-year-old man who was killed in the accident. For the whole story click HERE.

But let's go back to the outcomes of a DUI charge. So, you'll be looking at doing some jail time more than likely. You'll have to be monitored from home electronically, when you're not in jail. You'll need to attend alcohol in drug education. You're gonna have to mess with that pain-in-the-butt Ignition interlock device. You'll probably have your driver's licence revoked and suspended. And of course, there's the money, the big, big fine.

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