A quick google of the most dangerous in city in Washington turned up quite a few.

However, in most of the searches the #1 unsafe city was the same. Tukwila. The crime rate in Tukwila is 631% higher than the national average. The small city is in King County, south of Seattle. In 2020, the population of Tukwila was 21, 798.

According to Movoto.com, the most dangerous cities in Washington are:

1. City of Tukwila
2. City of Yakima
3. City of Spokane
4. City of Burien
5. City of Tacoma
6. City of SeaTac
7. City of Centralia
8. City of Auburn
9. City of Longview
10. City of Bremerton (tie)
10. City of Port Orchard (tie)

The criteria based on the rankings were based on murder, vehicle theft, rape, robbery, theft, assault, and burglary. Tukwila, according to the website:

ranked No. 1 on our list. The most shocking of these is probably the property crime, which ranked where it did because of the staggering 12,670 thefts per 100,000 people in 2012. All of these less than desirable stats lead to Tukwila locals having a 1 in 6 chance of being the victim of a crime.

When searching for a town or city to carve out a career in, Tukwila may be one to avoid. Normally, when searching for a home, you want an inviting community to feel safe in. One community I recommend is Tri-Cities.

Tri-Cities towns are deemed desirable by most residents who live here.

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In fact, Tri-Cities, Washington seem to check all the boxes when it comes to being most inviting. I've lived in Tri-Cities since 2014. First in Kennewick and now in Richland, I love living in Washington. I consider Tri-Cities one of the BEST communities I've ever lived in.

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