The two huge basalt columns, known as Twin Sisters are not only a famous local landmark and popular hiking area, but they're filled with wild folklore and geological history.


The History of Twin Sisters and the Tricky Coyote God

Twin Sisters rock formations are nature's leftovers, the two columns were formed by a vast flood during the end of the Ice Age about 14,000 years ago. On the other hand, according to, a Native American legend paints a different story - a story of trickery and magic.

"The pillars were once two of three wives who married the trickster god Coyote. The trio had been trying to catch fish in a fish trap, but the mischievous god deity kept destroying them. Finally, as the women began to starve since they could not catch fish, coyote agreed to build them a trap if they married him. They agreed, but unfortunately, the deal didn't work out. Coyote became bored and jealous of his wives and turned one of them into a cave, and the other two into the Twin Sisters rock formation."

Whatever you believe, the two monstrous rocks and the area around them are very popular local hiking spots. There are numerous local hikes around the Wallula Gap. Twin Sisters is just off highway 730 and is first come first served parking. Warning: the speed limit on the road is 55 mph and if you're not prepared, it is very easy to over-shoot the parking area. Use a map app for best results.

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