Ape Cave Hike
If you’re an outdoors kind of person, then the Ape Cave should be on your list of hikes to do (at least twice) before you die.
Day 2 Faith Martin Hikes Badger Mountain!
Okay I promise I won't post EVERYDAY that I go. But, it was kinda cool today when we hiked Badger Mountain in the snow! I took a bunch of pics this morning! It was an awesome way to start the day!
If you have never done it...You may want to re-consider...
Hiking Badger Mountain!
It's hard to stay motivated to exercise all winter!
I have a gym membership, and I try to walk/Run every other day because  I have to keep my new Rhodesian Ridgeback Pup from tearing the house to pieces!
My dog Crystal needs exercise as well...
The Best Hiking/Running Trails in the Tri-Cities
I love the running trail along the Columbia River and Sporthaus in Kennewick suggested a few more hiking or running trails you may not be familiar with for running in the Tri-Cities.

Chamna Trail Run - Off of 240 into Richland. The trail is about 5 miles
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