When I heard the news, I could hardly contain myself! We're getting another Costco! It's true! Costco is coming to Pasco!


Tri-Cities' second Costco Distribution Warehouse location will be in the area of Broadmoor Boulevard, where the new Darigold plant will be.

Our Tri-Cities are definitely growing! And in a time like this, we need it!

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According to our news partners at KEPR Action News, here's the story!

What are the benefits?

A fabulous food court! You can get a hot dog and soda for $1.50 & I've heard the chicken bakes are amazing! And, not to mention it, but not only does this mean another shopping destination, but it also means JOBS to our area.

Bulk Buying

Who else looks forward to the weekly or bi-weekly shopping spree at Costco? It's where I purchase the mega Kitty Litter box & HUGE toilet paper package! Maybe you don't look forward to it.

Stocking up, saving money

It's no secret that when purchasing in bulk, the cost per item is generally lower. We do all go through all those rolls of toilet paper. We do all eat all those steaks. And, granted, we may get tired of consuming all that bacon. But, in the end, we go back and do it all over again!

This means JOBS

I'm super excited about this! Again, it means jobs for our growing community. And, it's another outlet for super shoppers to purchase in bulk! No one can have too much toilet paper. Am I right?


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