The Tri-Cities are beautifully located in the heart of wine country. Face it, we do have it made when it comes to an overabundance of wineries to visit.

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However, not everyone enjoys wine. In fact, Sometimes, we enjoy a cocktail every now and then.


We've done some research and found that there are indeed Tri-Cities-infused cocktails.

10 Tri-Cities Infused Cocktails to Try

These drinks or cocktails are made with Tri-Cities love. Try them at your leisure and take note of which you prefer. Feel free to mix at your leisure being careful to imbibe responsibly.

Personally, I gravitate toward the lighter fruity drinks, daiquiris are delicious. There are Tri-Cities-triggered drinks for all palates and tastes. Experiment a little, or a lot. Let us know which is YOUR favorite.

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