You’re driving along thinking about life, listening to your favorite song, and out of nowhere - “BAM”! You hit a pothole deeper than the Mariana Trench – at least it feels that way. Your vehicle, teeth, and head vibrate, and your butt tingles. Once you have your teeth and eyeballs back in your head, the question arises – is my vehicle damaged? Potholes can cause all kinds of damage to your car and bust your budget.

What type of damage can potholes do to your vehicle?


Potholes can damage your vehicle’s front end, suspension, tires, axles, and in severe cases, even the frame. So, if you can do it safely, try and avoid potholes. At the very least, slow down - it will lessen the impact.

These road craters are tire killers. The most common damage is to the tire sidewall, which means a new tire. Potholes can also bend tire rims and even cause instant blowouts.


If you hit a pothole, keep an eye on your dash – if an immediate warning light comes on, pull over as soon as possible and inspect your tires. Other less common damages include suspension issues, misalignments, and other bent components.

The other casualty of a pothole is financial. A new tire and other repairs are costly. offers some practical advice on how to avoid them and if you can't, how to prepare for impact. Pothole season is just beginning and when the temps rise and the snow melts it will get worse. Thankfully, you can help out your fellow drivers and cities by reporting potholes at the links below.

City of Pasco – pothole report

City of Kennewick – pothole report

City of Richland – pothole report

City of West Richland – pothole report

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