I am looking for the best bar food in the Tri-Cities!

I love a good sit-down restaurant, but nothing beats a good grubbin', greasy bar burger! A few of my favorite spots to grab a good burger include, The Palm (duh), Bern's Tavern (Prosser) and of all places Denny's (who knew, right??).

Nothing beats a heaping burger layered with ham, bacon, egg, 100% beef (from Ray's Meats), all the veggies and served with either onion rings or tater tots from the Palm in Benton city!

Oh and don't forget the FRY SAUCE!!

If I am not in the mood for a burger however I opt for the pizza at the Palm, the fish & chips or the wings!! At Denny's, breakfast is usually my second choice and at Bern's...well....I only have ever had their burger!!


Where is your favorite place to grab a burger? What am I missing?


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