The burning question is finally answered! What is the fate of the Palm Bar & Grill in Benton City? There have been many rumors and LOTS of speculation, most likely the cause of all these rumors. I am here to put your mind to rest, the Palm in NOT becoming a steakhouse, a salsa dancing venue, an Irish Pub or a sports fanatic bar! The Palm will remain the Palm, just with a little face-lift and new owners.

Ron and Kelsi Duncan and Nick and Colleen Chapin are the proud new parents of our little dysfunctional, happy family at the Palm Bar & Grill and we welcome them with open arms! You could say they have BIG plans, but really they just have plans to polish something that already shines. As far as "dive bars" go, I think everyone can agree that the Palm is a fun, interesting and warm welcoming, small town bar that people love to visit.

It will remain just that. Now, here ARE some of their plans for improvement, the bathrooms! Yes, they are getting a makeover! The back bar, they are giving it a fresh new look and making it a little more "user friendly" for the bartenders. The pool tables are STAYING and for now they have no plans to move them. They are keeping the pulltabs, actually they are adding MORE! They plan to offer eighteen different pulltab bins to choose from and a new fresh variety.

The menu will remain the same but only for NOW, they do plan on adding a few new items and hopefully a few dry-rub options for the wings. By popular demand they will be adding a DESSERT, but their hands are forced for now, to keep it the same. More beers on tap, that is also the plan! They are adding more televisions and plan to televise and TURN UP Football games! Mmmmm cold beer, dry-rub wings and Football... sounds like a perfect date to me (saucy wings are too messy for a date)!

The kitchen will be getting a few updates as well, including a new A/C unit and eventually an industrial dishwasher, something the staff will notice more than anyone!

What about the staff? Well... I am the staff, or I am PART of the staff and I am writing lovely things about the new owners, so there is your answer! They were adamant about keeping the same staff, if it aint broke... hehe

Probably the biggest question has been "how about breakfast?" YES! They do plan on introducing breakfast on the weekends but it won't be right away. There is a lot of red tape and hours of phone calls to navigate before they can make any major changes, so for now their focus is getting the doors back open!

All of your favorite bartenders and cooks will be back at it as soon as the doors reopen! If everything goes as planned that re-opening will be August 26, however that is a tentative date and they will update a solid date soon on the Palm Bar & Grill Facebook page.

Who are these people??

You might already know Ron Duncan if you have burnt your shop down (it was ONE time) a few summers ago! Ron is the Fire chief at Benton County Fire Protection District #2 and Battalion Chief at Richland Fire & Emergency Services. Kelsi Duncan is a beloved nurse at Kadlec Medical center in the NICU and she tells me she absolutely loves her job. Nick Chapin is a veteran electrician out at Hanford and I am thinking maybe we should have had him wire in the new shop, just in case! Colleen Chapin is the Director of Human Resources at the City of Pasco.

Thank you all for your service to our surrounding cities and a big warm welcome to the Palm Bar & grill!

Here is a sneak peek.....

attachment-Palm sneak peek
Kelsi Duncan
Kelsi Duncan



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