Kokos protest

Koko's Bartini is one of a number of restaurants/bars who are defying the latest Inslee lockdown, and Tuesday night apparently some Liquor Control Board agents were 'turned away' by supporters of the establishment around 4PM.

According to sources and some people who were there, a total of 4 agents showed up, some reports claim there were 8, but Brian Smith, Communications Director for the Liquor Control and Cannibis Board in Olympia, said there were four.  He has not heard if they were wearing bulletproof vests and claimed by some witnesses.

Smith said 2 agents attempted to deliver the citation, while two stayed back. According to Smith, the agents were confronted by citizens unhappy with "their rights being violated" so the agents dropped back to de-escalate the situation. Smith says the people followed the agents a short distance, continuing to confront them about the rights of the bar owner and their rights as well.

Some of the citizens told us it was a "peaceful protest" taking place there that just happened to involve eating and drinking.  A number of signs were also displayed by customers inside the bar.

According to a witness who spoke anonymously, the agents appeared surprised by the presence of the 'patriots,' some who were carrying American flags. The citizens were seen lining up in front of the bar, according to one source, the agents were apparently turned away by the presence of the people.

The agents left a citation for the bar, the owner was not there are the time. Sources say the owner told a Liquor Control Agent they were not getting inside his bar without a warrant.

Some reports indicate the agents returned later that evening, but Smith says his report from the local agents indicates that is not true.

As we have seen from some previous confrontations with the LCB, citations or warnings are issued, then if a restaurant or bar owner persists, their liquor license can be pulled.

Smith claims the owner has resisted the "education" they have tried to inform him about, and if he continues to "violate the Governor's proclamation," it can result in an emergency suspension of his liquor license.

No word if the agents plan to return again Wednesday evening or later.

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