My New Favorite Snack!
One of my favorite things to do is EAT!!
Healthy snacks aren't usually my thing, usually Greg is the only one eating healthy in this group but Woody stumbled across these new chips called Popcorners and he offered to share them with me, for FREE...
Tri-City Boy Finds a Unique Way to Hide Snacks… FUN!
One of my Facebook friends Heather Ryanne posted a picture of her pantry with the caption, "What do you see?"
Ok, it's on!
I looked and looked, and finally saw what her son Ethyn did!
Well played little man! Well played.
He was just saving one for later - so his sister didn&a…
Snack Attack
During Super Bowl Sunday, the Calorie Control Council says Americans will eat over 30 million pounds of snacks. Here's the breakdown: