Whoa Dude! Where's my snacks?? A new soda and snack shop has opened in Kennewick and it'll feature some amazing hard to find snacks and sodas!

Our good buddy Joel Watson from Just Joel's has teamed up with Steve Lee of Green 2 Go to launch Joel Exotics Sodas and Snacks inside the Green 2 Go shop in Kennewick.

Joel said in a recent interview with our news partner KNDU said that the store will be a dream come true for snackers.

It'll feature some classic snacks and sodas but the real draw will be the snacks you can't get anywhere else.

A great example is discovering Japenese Strawberry Coke and many more examples of snacks you can't get anywhere else in the Tri-Cities. Watson says it's all about bringing the X-factor to the Tri-Cities.

Watson says he'll specialize in finding exotic snacks that you only see online and on TV and will bring them to the Tri-Cities.

The venture is located at 419 W Columbia Drive and the shop will be open from 9 AM to 8 PM weekdays.

You can check out more details on the new shop here and good luck to Joel and Steve on the new venture!

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