I have yet to find an individual who doesn't love brownies, but there seems to be the life long debate on which is best, the gooey center or the delicious crispy edge. For me, I am all for the crispy edge of the brownie! It wasn't until I discovered Sheila G and her own passion for the crunchy crispy chocolate brownie edges herself that I found the PERFECT brownie. Sheila G is a passionate baker who discovered a way to make every brownie square a crispy edge piece. This is where Brownie Brittle was invented! As you can read on the package of her beautiful creation, she takes much joy in walking through the bakery and gathering the brittle batter off the sides of the sheet pans to make her scrumptious Brittle Brownies.

I was introduced to these yummy little crunchy treats just days ago and have now found myself on a mad hunt to fill my cupboards, my snack drawer at work, my glove compartment in my jeep and possibly even my pockets. Luckily Amazon did not disappoint! Not only did I find chocolate chip brownies but also mint chocolate chip and toffee crunch.

By far this is my new favorite snack and I highly recommend you never pick up a bag of these if you are even remotely hungry... you will end up sick! Happy snacking!


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