Faith Martin

Faith Martin Rescues Girl From Fight at Local Restaurant
So many reason why I miss Faith Martin and here's another apparently she was dining at a local restaurant when a violent fight broke out, as usual the kind hearted soul she is...jumped into action a rescued a scared little's her story in her words!
Faith Martin Update… What is She Doing Now?
For years we all had the pleasure of hearing Faith Martin on the air.Recently she moved to the west side to be closer to family. She is the proud grandma of three... and loving it!
Here is a quick update!
*She works for a property…
My Farewell to Faith
I first met Faith Martin 27 years ago, I thought who is this Chick? where did she come from? and she sounds damn good on the air (she was working on my competitors station) and eventually wound up working in the same building.
People always ask me how is it working with Faith, this is what I tell the…
Mutton Busters Have Won My Heart!
Mutton Busting is the kids portion of the rodeo where little tikes try to tame sheep and goats the same way cowboys and cowgirls tame bulls, steeds and horses. These photos are of Mutton Buster Cruz Waltze. Let me tell you about him.
Is Faith Martin’s Car a Police Magnet? [PHOTO]
I've heard it said that red cars are a target for police to pull over. I had a red Honda Del Sol (convertible sports car) for 8 years!  I'm not remembering ever getting pulled over in that car...
Recently I bought a black Honda Fit. It looks like a "granny" car and I&…

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