I first met Faith Martin 27 years ago, I thought who is this Chick? where did she come from? and she sounds damn good on the air (she was working on my competitors station) and eventually wound up working in the same building.

People always ask me how is it working with Faith, this is what I tell them.

"Faith is the ONLY person I know that can turn a frown upside down and look at something from a totally different perspective. She always gives people the benefit of the doubt and  finds the good in everyone!!!  Its good to have a lil Faith in my life."

Ive been thinking about what I could do for her...then I remembered she loves her yard and outdoors. I saw this empty basket last night at Yokes fresh market, took it home and got up at 4:30a this morning and started digging up my succulents (hens and chicks).....Take these wherever you go Faith and plant some in your new home, give them to family and friends.... you will always have a little piece of home with you.


I will miss you Faith, you are a good friend.

(( drops the mic ))


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