So many reason why I miss Faith Martin and here's another apparently she was dining at a local restaurant when a violent fight broke out, as usual the kind hearted soul she is...jumped into action a rescued a scared little's her story in her words!

My kids used to call me paranoid or say I was always 'on alert' in case of danger.
So over the years I've mellowed..I've relaxed and been less hyper vigilant.
Tonight I wished that I had been more!
I just experienced something so awful and sickening and I was NOT prepared and not much help and it was terrifying!
Bobby Nelsen and I were enjoying a nice dinner at Inca In Richland.
All of a sudden we heard crashing of breaking glass, then fighting, then screaming then crashing of tables and chairs and more screaming and fighting.
Everyone began running to the doors..and the fight got bigger with more people involved and I kept thinking it would end, but it only got bigger and louder with more screaming and fighting everyone shoving their way outside. We got up to run out, and there were these little girls screaming crying and terrified! I grabbed two that were running toward me screaming and lifted them into my truck and Bobby jumped in and said 'drive drive' as the people fighting came tumbling toward his side of the truck! I couldn't fish my stupid keys out of my purse to get my truck started! I was afraid there would be gun fire next and finally got my keys and started backing out. Then I saw the 3rd little girl screaming not to leave her! I jumped out and tried to grab her, when finally a family member of the girls ran up to the truck to grab them and got them in their car!
It took the police a very long time to get there. The girls are okay and luckily there was no gun fire!
But it made me sick inside. Apparently this was one big family at a 'rehearsal dinner' for upcoming wedding. Too much alcohol and tempers and so much trauma caused!
Adults, please if you want to booze it up and be stupid and violent, Please go way far away from children and be stupid all on your own ! But please don't traumatize children and ruin their lives creating memories that will stay with them through life!! I feel traumatized myself...😨 Horrible...What's wrong with people in this's sick. These pics are after it was all over. I was afraid to take pics of anyone for fear of retaliation...

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