Technology at its best.

During this strange time we are living in, it’s been uplifting to see what support organizations and people in recovery are doing to stay connected.

Members of 12-step groups, support groups and spiritual organizations are turning to technology to carry on meetings.

Many who didn’t know how to use Zoom before are teaching themselves with quick tutorials from friends.

The very technology that has been shunned for disconnecting us as human beings is now becoming the saving grace for those that need support from their fellow members.

And while people are stretching their internet skills during quarantine, those very skills can continue to be utilized long after COVID-19 is defeated.  For every positive there is a negative and vice versa.

Instead of the daily barrage of people criticizing each other via social media, this is the antithesis.  Who could imagine that something that is isolating us could be the very thing that teaches us new ways to stay connected?

Another reminder we are all in this together.

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