Apparently, the US Government is hiding billions of pounds of cheese in a cave in Missouri. We are serious, why are they doing this?

According to, the US Government is storing over 1.4 billion pounds of cheese in the caves of Missouri. This all started years ago in the 70s when the US government started buying cheese from farmers to help them stay afloat but they bought so much they had to figure out what to do with it all.

I kept on digging to find out more information and found the website, on their site I found out,

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"The 1.4 billion pounds of cheese still exists in cold storage holdings but it is no longer completely owned by the government but by private’s safe to say that American dairy farmers will continue to look for ways to offload their cheese supplies as the demand for it decreases with a rise in veganism and sustainable eating."

The site also says that the cheese is located underneath Springfield, Missouri.

It seems like the answer to the question "why is the USA hiding billions of pounds of cheese in Missouri?" is that they are not hiding it, they are actually stuck with it and now trying to find ways to offload it. I feel like once a year the town of Springfield should host a big cheese festival where they take all the cheese that has been in there for years and give it away or do some sort of massive cooking competition, or something like that right?

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