I've seen so many reported UFOs of just about every shape and size, but I've never seen one shaped like a jetpack...until now. Some type of object that does almost look like it's someone with a jetpack rocket was seen recently over St. Louis, Missouri.

I was born a skeptic. I always go for the simplest explanation before I jump to the sensational. Look at this UFO that based on the video description and share date was spotted April 30, 2022 over St. Louis and see what you make of it.

Could it be a drone? If so, it's a very large drone.

The Unknown 41 YouTube channel shared the video and their brand is on the video, too. That means they're likely sharing video they actually captured and not just resharing someone else's footage. Early in the video, you'll see there's a Royal Liquors store and there are 5 different locations in St. Louis and St. Charles. That means this really was seen over St. Louis. Small details like this matter when you're trying to make sure whoever is sharing this is telling the truth.

As for the object itself, I showed this to my wife who's a meteorologist and she didn't think it looked like a weather balloon. A weather balloon would be ascending while this object appears to be more or less stationary. It's also much too large to be ice crystals in the atmosphere reflecting the sun.

Whoever captured the video also zooms in and out giving lots of power lines and buildings as references to compare with the object. My belief is that the video is legit, but I have no idea what the object is. I'm pretty sure I know what it isn't, but what it is remains a mystery. Is it an anomaly or something more sinister?

The truth is out there.

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