Over the years, I've heard many stories of monsters in the Missouri woods. However, I had never come across one where the monster is in the skies - until now. Three Missouri men swear that's exactly what happened to them.

Some time ago, Destination America did a feature on what happened to these 3 Missouri dudes. Here's their synopsis of what happened as shared on YouTube:

In Missouri's Ozarks, a mysterious flying monster forces Don and Danny Overton off the road, nearly killing them.

While the reenactment obviously looks a bit freaky (and silly), the story they tell is allegedly true.

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As they tell it, they went into the woods near Turkey Creek. It's a stream in the Missouri Ozarks that extends down into Arkansas. The guys found a strange cave and shortly afterward they heard sounds in the trees. It was a whooshing sound that brought them face-to-face with a winged creature that looked half-human/half-bird. One man said it sounded almost like a freight train and was coming straight at them. As they fled, the creature also relented.

As easy as it is to laugh something like this off, one comment on YouTube said the same thing had happened in a different part of Missouri:

Arielle Emmons - "I live in Missouri and I saw a flying humanoid creature out by our water district when we were paying our water bill really late one night. my mom, sister, and I were in our truck and as we were driving away from the water tower, we saw a huge human like creature with huge wings. it flew slow right in front of our truck and it was not a bird, it was too big to be a bird."

Could it be that this is the famed Mothman that is known to appear in areas about to suffer a catastrophe?

As of now, it's just the story of 3 Missouri guys who adventures in the woods. However, they really believe they saw something paranormal and they believe that entity remains in that area.

There is a book that addresses legends like this in Missouri called The Night Has a Thousand Wings: Based on the Legend of the Missouri Flying Humanoid available on Amazon.

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