I'm sorry, but sometimes I think the American justice system is just ignorant. I've mentioned in these posts before that I like to watch a lot of true crime stories, like on Investigation Discovery. In so many of these stories, a sex offender will be released from jail only to immediately re-offend. That makes me so angry! I would think that after it's happened so many times in not just the U.S., but the world, sex offenders once convicted would never, ever get out of jail. But that's just not the way it works, is it? Nope, we have to be fair and give them a shot at redemption. And then others become victims of their horrid crimes. Some even die.

That's pretty much what just happened over the weekend in Spokane. A convicted felon was released, then allegedly just 20 minutes later carjacked a 16-year-old girl.  Thank goodness Spokane police were able to get this monster back in jail quickly. But, I imagine he'll be convicted of this crime, do some time, and be released, free to offend again.
Is the 3-Strikes Law even a thing anymore? Remember some years ago when it was all the talk that if an offender is convicted 3 times, it meant a life sentence? Now I see on TV or read about a wanted person that has 27 felonies or some such garbage. I have but one thing to say to that: DOUBLE U-TEE-EFF.

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