Well, I finally went to the Washington State Phase Finder tool to find out if I was eligible to get a Covid shot. They say no radio boy, not just yet! And as the Tri-cities gears up for those that are qualified to receive their 2nd Covid shot, Walla Walla is just now gearing up to take care of those who are eligible for their 1st shot.

A friend of mine who is retired and in his seventies already got his first shot and gets his second shot tomorrow at the Fair Grounds in Kennewick. He has had no side effects and feels good about the whole process. I have another friend who lives in Texas who just spent a week and a half in the hospital with Covid-19. He's out now and doing well, but he was one of those that really didn't believe it could be all that serious. His mind has changed as the doctors told him that if he had not started to improve within a few more days, he may have died.
Eligible Walla Walla residents need to get an appointment right away. Vaccinations will take place this Sunday and Monday. They will run from 8:00 a.m. To 4:00 p.m. hat the Walla Walla county fairgrounds pavilion. It really is quite easy to figure out if you qualify for phase 1A or 1B by filling out the Washington State Phase Finder web page. If you qualify, you can make your appointment by clicking HERE. For more details, read the article from our news partner, NBC Right Now.

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