What to do with that Christmas tree? Instead of throwing it away, why not recycle it.  There are several locations where you can drop the tree off, and it will be chipped up and turned into wood chips. One group will use the chips to put on their running path to improve the surface. The Tri-Cities International Cross Country Running Course in Pasco will accept trees 8am to 3pm  3pm through Saturday. The course is located just north of Pasco golfland on road 36. Also accepting trees with no decorations or flocking, is in Richland at the George Prout pool on Swift Boulevard, and Badger Mountain park on Keene road, up until January 9th. Or you can do what me and my grandson do, the annual sit around the outdoor firepit and enjoy the warmth from that old tree. Plus it's a great time to let him poke sticks into the fire and just hang out.

Story info thanks to KNDU NBC and the Tri-City Hearld