Pets love their freedom too! I have had dogs that no matter what you do...they can NOT be contained. I've dealt with angry neighbors, Animal Control Officers and feared my dog would get hit by a car.

I bought dog kennels, buried electronic border wire and had my dog wear a shock collar, I've buried wire along the fence line, poured cement...all but put her in a padded cell!  And, still she can escape! I've resorted to leaving my dog inside the house and driving home a number of times during the work day to make sure she can go out and go potty!

High maintenance? Yes! But worth it! I love my dog Crystal and would take her to work with me if they'd let me!

She's perfectly happy laying on the sofa and watching tv while I'm away, but if she's not in the house...she is NOT gonna stay put!

I had to giggle when I watched this video of another dog who apparently has the same type of issue!

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