They could still be in the Yakima area, but officials now are not sure where they may be headed. Maybe our way?

Officials continue the search for 31-year-old Steven Roche (on left in picture) and 31-year-old Chad Tipton (on right with neck tattoos), who were discovered missing during a headcount Tuesday morning. They went missing from the Yakima County Correctional center. Monday night at 7pm they were accounted for, but another 4am check found they were missing. Conceivably they could have had up to a 6-7 hour head start on authorities who are searching for them.

Officials, according to KNDU-KNDO-TV, found an outside door leading away from a recreational area had been left unsecured, it's believed they could have escaped that way.

Roche was serving time for Burglary and Forgery, his last known address was in Spokane. Tipton is considered the more dangerous of the two, he was doing time for assault, driving on suspended, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Anyone who sees them is asked to call (509)-574-2500, the Yakima County Sheriff's office.


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