Who would've thought that the Oregon State Troopers would be such great llama wranglers but when you are called to catch one, you grab a rope and you wrangle it!

Oregon State Trooper Macy got the call to action to capture a loose llama out on Interstate-84 near Baker City.

credit: OSP
credit: OSP

He sprung into action according to the report on the OSP's Facebook page and here is how the action unveiled according to Trooper Macy's account:

So, there I was minding my own business… when I got a call from OSP Dispatch, telling me that there was a llama, yes a llama, in the road on the I-84 onramp at milepost 304 eastbound.

I got there and sure enough, a displeased mama llama was laying on the onramp. The owner was taking 3 llamas from Washington to Utah in the bed of a 1500 dodge short bed pickup.

The truck had a homemade stock rack that didn’t quite hold the 3 llamas as well as take an uphill corner. Fortunately enough for the llama and myself, the speeds were slow, and traffic was minimal.

The owner got about a mile down the road before he realized his mama llama was missing out of the back of the truck. But of course, when he stopped his truck, the other 2 llamas bailed out, running free on the interstate.

The owner ran back and gave me the rope to hook to mama llamas harness. Mama llama refused to get up as you could see by her displeased facial expression… so I told him that I would llama sit, while he wrangled up the others.

I snapped a photo of her because in my tenure I’ve yet to be successful in catching the elusive I-84 llama. In the end, mama llama was reloaded into the truck and provided some medication to ease her mama llama trauma and also reunited with the rest of her travel companions. The driver was warned for ORS 818.300 operating with a leaking or shifting load.

Mama Llama obviously wasn't happy with the current accommodations hence the escape - here's hoping that the driver and all 3 llamas made it home safely.

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