I have been banking at Hapo Credit Union for many years now and I always seem to get away with a few pens... sometimes a handful! My friends think I am a thief but I feel like they WANT me to take them!! By the handfuls!!!

Yesterday the controversy of my ways were put to rest!! I am NOT a thief!! I am an advocate for Hapo and a walking advertisement!

I went in to do some banking yesterday and asked the teller (Natalie) if she minded if I grabbed a few pens (at least I started asking) and she told me to grab as many as I liked and that she had more in the back! I finished my business, but  before I left she asked me to hold on and disappeared into the back. She came out with two handfuls of beautiful shiny new pens!

She explained to me that I am welcome to always take as many as I'd like because it is a great form of advertising! So.... to all of you who have been calling me a thief, Natalie says I AM NOT!! Hehehe!!

Thanks Natalie for making my day and supplying everyone with pens who will be stealing them from me!


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