Check your accounts, according to Police, 150 accounts have been compromised in the Tri-Cities from fraudulent card readers. A new wave of accounts have been hacked across Pasco, Richland and Kennewick.

The city with the most reported account hacking is Kennewick, followed by Richland and then Pasco. Kennewick's account loses so far totals over $50,000 through 92 accounts.

HAPO ATM's appear to be the majority of the credit card skimmers take but Gesa and US Bank also reported skimming in the area.

The skimming was first reported in Pasco and then quickly escalated to Kennewick and Richland.

West Richland so far hasn't reported any skimming so far.

Police where able to locate one location where an ATM had been compromised.

Police are warning card holders to be vigilant when inputting debit card numbers at ATM's and other card sliders.

They say if the reader is loose or doesn't look right, take caution. Police also advise using your debit card as credit or have a chip card.

You can check out more here and make sure you double check your own accounts to make sure you weren't hacked as well.


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