Last week I did a fun little blog and posted a picture of myself holding a handful of Hapo pens. Those pens were GIVEN to me by a friendly teller named Natalie in Richland and I was encouraged to always take as many pens as I'd like!

It has been a long controversy between myself and my friends whether or not I was stealing those pens or if they were a gift for banking with them! Well not only was that question put to rest, I came to work today and found a lovely gift bag full of Hapo encouragement to keep me taking pens and sharing my pens with the world!!

I had so much fun going through my Hapo gift bag! It was full of fun, adorable gifts and the first thing I did was stick my new Hapo Pop-socket onto my my phone! But my favorite thing in the bag..... Hapo "behind the scene" pens! These are some nice pens and they sent me a stack! Thanks Hapo for being my wonderful bank but a SPECIAL big thanks for my goody bag! See you on payday for more pens!