Between the traffic and the overall trashy feel of Seattle these days, I really don't even visit the city of my birth anymore. I wonder if I'll ever dine atop the Space Needle again or visit Pike  Place Market.  My wife and I talk about making it a fun weekend in Seattle, then we talk ourselves out of it.


But when I hear about things like this, maybe we'll just let some of the things that made Seattle so great, come to us!  According to reports, Pike Place Market style shopping is coming to Pasco! About 120-150 vendors will be able to sell their goods and services in the new Osprey Pointe. And since it's indoor shopping, it can be available all year long.

Osprey Pointe will eventually become like a little town all its own, with residential houses, a hotel, and even a splash park. But the first phase of construction will focus on the marketplace. It will also eventually be a nice place to walk or ride a bike, and stages will feature live, local music.  Osprey Pointe will be located near the S. Oregon Ave. area closest to the Columbia River in Pasco. It will be a tremendous waterfront property! You'll have to wait for abouit a year for phase 1 to finish and open to the public, though. It's slated to open  in the spring of 2022. To read more on Osprey Pointe and to see how the developers describe it, click HERE.

If you like shopping at Pike Place Market in Seattle, you will soon get a similar experience in the Tri-Cities.

Posted by NBC Right Now Tri-Cities on Monday, April 5, 2021



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