The problem with being a criminal is that sometimes technology passes you by. Maybe it's because you spent too much time in jail, or maybe you just don't care to be computer literate. But as it turns out, more music is being put out on the internet for download today than is being put on old-school-style cassette tapes (which I think is ZERO songs). Do I have a cassette player in my car? Of course not, silly. My car is only 14 years old, and I have the all-new upgraded compact disc player! But in the story below, a Pioneer stereo deck was stolen out of a 1986 Mazda pickup. I'm pretty sure that in 1986 it was probably equipped with a cassette deck, maybe a cassette / CD player. But the fact that any criminal would want an old-school unit like that is kind of crazy to me. I remember when I got my first MP3 player. So much music on such a tiny little device! I think I have about 1,500 songs on it now. And it's about the size of my thumb. Oh sure, I still have a bunch of CDs laying around and even a few cassettes. But digital downloads are the way to go today. Hey bad guy, spread the word to the other criminals, would you? And leave the old school vehicles alone!


25 True Crime Locations: What Do They Look Like Today?

Below, find out where 25 of the most infamous crimes in history took place — and what the locations are used for today. (If they've been left standing.)



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