Two years ago the Washington State Department of Social and Health services allowed for birth certificates to contain an "X" in the gender catagory, besides M and F.  Now this week, you can do that on your license. This license pictured is not of any legal driver, but a composite example issued by the DOL for illustrative purposes.

According to Department of Licensing officials, some 59 people have requested a change on their birth certificate since the procedure was put into place January 1st 2018.

According to DOL officials, this third gender category helps people live the lives they choose and, " helps reduce barriers to housing, transportation, education, and employment. It’s in service to our purpose of helping all Washington residents live, work, drive, and thrive.”

Washington is only the 17th state to allow such gender choices on birth certificates and licenses, but is the ONLY state where you can change your gender on the Driver's License without a medical certificate from a doctor.

Supporters say it's an important step for people to be able to choose, opponents say it could potentially cause problems for law enforcement when it comes to describing the physical description of a suspect;  whether they're male or female.

There are not additional costs associated with the new option being added to a license.

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