My youngest son is turning 16 soon. That means a trip to the icky place. Walking through the doors of the DOL takes guts and determination. We can do this!

  • Getting our number and finding the perfect seat

    Our number was 280. The flashing sign said, "Taking No. 240." With our heads hung low we searched for two clean, private plastic seats... not gonna happen! We took the only two seats available -- not knowing our DOL neighbor would soon become our worst nightmare.

    Greg Delange
  • Meet Nathan

    Nathan is our official DOL neighbor! Nathan didn't take a nap. Nathan was very loud. Nathan had snot bubbles. Nathan smelled like corn. Why do we know his name? Because his mom kept YELLING his name every 5 minutes. Nathan is going to be a part of our lives for the next hour and a half. **sigh**

  • Obey the sign

    Voice over the loud speaker: "Taking No. 245." Noticing the huge sign I quickly turned my phone off. I looked around and noticed 95 percent of my DOL pals had their noses buried in a cell phone. WHAT?! Do you people not obey the rules?!

    Greg Delange
  • OOPS!

    Voice over the loud speaker: "Taking No. 260." I guess Dusty can't read. Oh well, I'm going to play Angry Birds.

    Greg Delange
  • Really?

    When did this happen? Is this a new rule? Nathan is crawling under my seat. Dusty is getting nervous. I have to go to the bathroom. And I still smell corn! Oh, and meet my new DOL neighbor! I think I saw him in the movie "Scareface." I am so done with this. "Taking No. 270."

    Greg Delange
  • Now calling No. 280!

    When she called out our number I swear the theme from "Rocky" started playing. ((Gonna Fly Now!))

    Greg delange
  • It's official

    Dealing with our "License Jockey" wasn't too bad. OK, I lied, he wasn't very happy. I didn't feel the love. As we left the DOL with Dusty's new piece of paper I turned back to do one last thing: I Gave Nathan the "stink-eye." And I still smell corn; weird?

    Greg delange