My first Farmers Market experience was while I was vacationing in Mexico and I will never forget that feeling of excitement! It was like all the souvenir shops came to me in one setting! It was also where I learned to "dicker," at first I really didn't feel right about trying to talk them down but I sure did get good at it!

When I heard "Farmers Market," I envisioned just tomatoes, apples and your ordinary produce. I didn't realize that a farmers market consists of all kinds of goodies, from homemade earrings to snowcones!

The Tri-cities has a few different markets that are fun to visit but I am excited to share that my little town is now hosting their own local farmers market. That's right! Benton City's new farmers market is already up and running! They will be open throughout the entire summer and into the fall, plenty of time to get your market scratch, itched!

Each Saturday you will be able to shop locally grown produce and handcrafted items. Everything from veggies, flowers,and potted plants to metal art, macrame wall art, fresh honey, homemade jam and much, much more!

Rain or shine, they will be at 511 9th street in Benton City, starting at 9:00 a.m. and going until 1:00 p.m. Whether you plan to decorate the inside of your home or give that yard a facelift, you will find a little bit of everything to do just that at the Benton City Farmers Market!

Or maybe you are crafty or have a green thumb and you want to share your creativity... You can find out how to get involved HERE.

So plan to pack the family up this Saturday, take the short drive out to Benton City and check out their local farmers market, I will be there for sure, I might even get out of my PJ's!

For more information you can go to Benton City Farmers Market.

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